Are the Numbers of Women Turning to Male Escorts Rising?

It might appear to most people that men are more likely to hire escorts for sexual pleasure. How much truth does it hold? Well, there was a time when escort employees were mainly female. Nonetheless, there is a significant growth in the market of male sex services in recent years. According to research, women these days are willing to spend enormously on hiring male escorts for fun. Surprisingly, these are not the women in their twenties craving sex.

Rather, they are busy women professionals in their thirties and forties. As per a study, career-oriented women are paying as high as € 150, and even more, an hour for sex with male escorts. The question is why more women are turning to male escorts? Let’s find out.

What does the Research Reveal?

As per the research conducted by the Crime and Justice Research Centre, Mexico has 14,531 male escorts, the highest in the world. While the United Kingdom is fourth on the list with approximately 3,000 male escorts. There’s no doubt that the numbers of male escorts are soaring high as we analyse the stats revealed by the research.

Moreover, the stats no doubt debunks our earlier conception that it’s the men who splash out thousands on female escorts.
The findings of this research have certainly put escort service providers who mainly focus on the male market for their business into a dilemma.

On this, Professor John Scott, of the Crime and Justice Research Centre at the Queensland University of Technology, revealed a high possibility of an emerging market for women who are willing to hire male escorts for sexual services.

However, our question that why more and more women are turning to male escorts still demands an answer. What does the research have to say about this? According to the research, professional women in their thirties and forties are ready to spend hundreds of dollars an hour on male escorts of their choice.

Why Are Professional Women Showing Interest In Male Escorts?

There is no single answer to this question. As per the research findings, different women have a different take regarding why they prefer a male escort over a husband or a loyal male partner. Some women revealed that they are “too busy” to get involved in something serious. Most of these women are ambitious who would rather invest time and energy in their professions than working on their love lives. Moreover, no strings attached relationships don’t give them stress but a sense of freedom, as admitted by most women in the survey.

While some women were of the opinion that they are extremely picky when it comes to having sex. In other words, having sex with a man who doesn’t tick boxes to their idea of an “attractive man” isn’t their thing. According to them, they would be happy to hire a male escort who would provide them with guaranteed sexual pleasure.

Whereas, some women who are into male escorts admitted to being already in relationships. Yes, these are the women seeking love outside their relationships. Why would a woman cheat on her partner for a male escort? Sounds confusing, right? Well, these are the ladies who wanted something more than just intercourse and one cannot agree more with this. Having sex with the same person becomes monotonous over a period of time. It is therefore important to keep experimenting with new things in bed to keep the spark alive. But do men take it seriously? It’s obvious that they don’t if we pay heed to what these women are saying.

If nothing else, there is truth in the statement that more women are seeking male escorts these days. It also points towards an enormous potential in the business that male escorts can bring for the sex service providers and escort agencies. Moreover, it will create a revolution in the way female pleasure has been seen so far.


Are women fussy about sex?
According to research, women are indeed fussy about sex. While men are willing to have sex with a variety of women, women are extremely picky when it comes to satisfying themselves. This is where hiring male escorts gives women the freedom to select men of their desire.

Why do women seek sex outside their marriages?
It is a proven fact that most women are unsatisfied with the sex they get from their husbands. Although female orgasm is the key to sexual satisfaction in women, many fail to experience it. Moreover, as per research, there is no extra effort on the part of husbands to make their wives physically satisfied. It is the prime reason why most women seek sex outside their marriages.

Do working women prefer staying single?
This question is a bit complicated to answer. More than staying single, working women don’t welcome the stress and added responsibility that comes with a serious relationship. They already have a lot to take care of in their professional lives that they prefer remaining single or rather pay for sex.

Does size really matter?
While some say size doesn’t matter, that’s not the case. Many women prefer male escorts because they have the liberty to pick up a man with the desired penis size who can give them sexual satisfaction.

Do women love paying for sex?
Although it is believed that men love spending on sex, women are equally willing to pay for sex as long as they get what they want. Women love paying if a man can make them orgasm or squirt, which is something rare for them to experience.

What do most women seek from male escorts?
As per research, most women demand “pampering with pleasure” from male escorts. Men usually neglect the fact that foreplay plays an important role for women to experience orgasm. That’s where women look for male escorts who can equally pleasure and pamper them.